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 009 Kits (4mm scale, 9mm gauge)

All our 009 kits depict real prototypes, are produced from accurate drawings, and include wheels, gears and motor(s), i.e. all parts required to complete a running locomotive. See About Backwoods Kits for details of our kit construction and assembly. Prices for 009 kits are shown in British Pounds (GBP) for each kit.
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009 diesel

009 diesel

009 diesel

009 diesel


This is a re-issued and updated version of one of our earliest kits. This new version comprises of a body kit designed to fit onto a KATO 11-103 0-4-0 donor mechanism. Note: this kit will only be sold with the required KATO mechanism included.
The Crane's bodywork is easily assembled from photo-etched brass, pro-moulded resin and cast metal parts. Assembly is so simple - using thin type superglue - we're happy to recommend this kit to novice builders. No soldering required. Check-out the photos to see how straight-forward assembly is. Couplers are not included. Provision is made for fitting couplers of the builder's choice. The STEAM CRANE KIT for OO9 costs £54. The KATO 11-103 mechanism costs £19. UK postage and packing costs £4. Overseas airmail costs £8.
009 diesel

009 diesel

009 diesel

009 diesel


Our first resin kit for OO9. Designed to fit the superb-running KATO 11-103 donor mech. Comprising all pro-moulded parts designed for simple adhesive assembly using thin-type superglue.

NO SOLDERING required!

Check out the various cab permutations available from one kit! Driver figure and cab interior details included. Pics show our assembled but as yet still unpainted demo model.

PRICE: OO9 DIESEL bodykit UK£42.
KATO 11-103 chassis UK£19. Plus shipping.
NOTE: Only bodykit and chassis combo is being offered. We DO NOT sell this bodykit separately. KATO mech is available separately.



Steam Railbus

We have re-issued our OO9 Steam Railbus kit - one of the first kits we ever did after launching Backwoods Miniatures in 1990. Instead of a kit-built mechanism, this new kit comes complete with a KATO 4-wheel N-scale mechanism for excellent performance. The re-issued kit contains all the etchings and castings from the original version but has been upgraded with the following:

  • Pre-formed etched brass bodysides with the curved tumblehome in the lower sides already formed.
  • Beautifully moulded, one-piece resin roof casting.
Designed for simple adhesive assembly. Model will negotiate 9" radius curves. Optional boiler/saddletank castings and many optional detail parts to build different versions.


We will launch the first 20 of the re-issued Steam Railbus at EXPO NARROW GAUGE at Swanley on Oct 27th, 2007.

Price: GBP80  plus GBP1.50 p+p in the UK.


Collector's Series

These kits are faithful depictions of classic narrow gauge designs, covering prototypes from 1'11½" gauge (60cm) to 2'6".


Darjeeling Himalayan Railway D Class Beyer-Garratt

The DHR D Class was the second Beyer-Garratt design, and the first to adopt the final arrangement with outboard cylinders. Only one was delivered to the DHR in 1911 and was scrapped in 1954. Our model features a central motor with universal joints driving all eight wheels and our usual wealth of detail. The kit depicts the loco as modified by the DHR.

Photo courtesy of Dave Squire

Price: 152 GBP

FR 0-4-4-0T Double Fairlie

Festiniog Railway 0-4-4-0T Double Fairlie

Depicts the famous FR Double Fairlies "Merrdin Emrys" and "Livingston Thompson". Features single 5-pole motor with flexible drive to driving bogies.
Price: 110.00 GBP

Prototype photograph of FR 0-4-4T TALIESIN

Festiniog Railway 0-4-4T Single Fairlie "Taliesin"

The kit represents the replica locomotive built by the Festiniog Railway and commissioned in May 1999 - on the day that the Backwoods kit was launched, coincidentally!
Price: 92.00 GBP


Penrhyn/Festiniog Railway 0-4-0ST/2-4-0STT

May be used to build any of these three locomotives in their original Penrhyn Railway appearance, or either "Blanche" or "Linda" as running on the Festiniog Railway. Features coreless motor.
Price: 95.00 GBP

SAR/WHR Class NGG16 Garratt

SAR/WHR NGG16 Class 2-6-2+2-6-2T Beyer-Garratt

Built by Beyer Peacock in 1956 for South African Railways. Three of the class are now owned by the Welsh Highland Railway for use on its Caernarfon to Porthmadoc route.
Price: 172.00 GBP

Garratt K1

Dundas Tramway/Welsh Highland Railway 0-4-0+0-4-0T Garratt "K1"

"K1" was the world's first Beyer-Garratt locomotive. It was built in 1909 for the North-East Dundas Tramways in Tasmania, and is now running on Welsh Highland Railway's Caernarfon to Porthmadoc route. 
Price: 152.00 GBP

Vale of Rheidol 2-6-2T

Vale of Rheidol Railway 2-6-2T

Depicts any one of the three locmotives built by the Great Western Railway in 1923 for this 2'0" gauge line.
Price: 92.00 GBP

Welsh Highland Railway 2-6-2T RUSSEL

Welsh Highland Railway 2-6-2T "Russell"

The most famous locomotive of the original (and short-lived) WHR, now restored and ready for use when the line is rebuilt between Carnarfon and Portmadoc. May be built in "cut-down" WHR condition.
Price: 92.00 GBP

Lynton & Barnstable Railway original 2-6-2T

Lynton & Barnstaple Railway 2-6-2T

Depicts any of the original three L&BR locos "Exe", "Yeo" and "Taw". An adapter kit to build the later "Lew" is available at 12.00 GBP.
Price: 92.00 GBP

L&BR 2-4-2T LYN. Drawing courtesy of Peco

Lynton & Barnstaple Railway 2-4-2T "Lyn"

The L&BR's fifth locomotive, built by Baldwin when British builders had no spare capacity.  Price: 92.00 GBP

C&MLR 0-6-2T. Drawing courtesy of P S Halton

Campelltown & Macrihanish Railway 0-6-2T "Atlantic"

Scotland's only public passenger-carrying narrow gauge line had two of these Barclay 0-6-2T's named "Atlantic" and "Argyll"
Price: 92.00 GBP

Pentewan Railway CANOPUS

Pentewan Railway 0-6-2T "Canopus"

Manning Wardle of Leeds built this loco in 1901 for the China Clay carrying Pentewan Railway in Cornwall.
Price: 92.00 GBP

C&UR Lancashire

Chattenden & Upnor Railway 0-4-4T "Lancashire"

Built for the British War Department by the Yorkshire Engine Company. It was intended to be easily dismantled to allow a change of boiler under battlefield conditions...
Price: 92.00 GBP

WDLR Crane set

War Dept Light Railways/ Lynton & Barnstaple Crane Set

A number of these crane sets were built for the Allied military railways in France during World War I. One pair went to the Lynton & Barnstable Railway, and half a pair went to the Festiniog!
Price: 86.00 GBP

Bowater Paper Mills 0-6-2T Chevallier

Bowater Paper Mills 0-6-2T "Chevallier"

A large industrial Manning Wardle from the Bowaters system in Kent.
Price: 92.00 GBP

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway 4-6-2. Photo courtesy of Peco.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway 4-6-2

Two graceful 2'0" gauge Pacifics were built for the DHR by North British of Glasgow. Both are now preserved in the India.
Price: 132.00 GBP

DHR B Class (Photo courtesy of Peco)

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway 0-4-0ST "B" Class

One of the world's most famous 2'0" gauge designs, these long-lived saddle tanks now provide the sole steam motive power on the DHR's steeply graded mainline. 

Price: 97 GBP

Fowler 0-6-0DM

Fowler 0-6-0 Diesel Mechanical

A 1937 Fowler diesel mechanical built for the Colonial Sugar Refineries Co. in Fiji. The kit is is etched in nickel silver with straightforward fold-up tab-and-slot construction, using a 43:1 gearbox driven by a Mashima 1015 can motor. Features include user-friendly push-fit flycranks, nickel silver tyred wheelsets (ready assembled) and etched, screw-fit pickups.

Price 86 GBP

Freelance Cane Car

Freelance Cane Car

Requests for the freelance 'cane cars', seen as personal one-off models on our trade stand, have prompted us to offer them in limited kit form for glue or solder assembly. Etched in nickel siIver, they consist of a roofess mesh fold-up box onto which detailed side and end overlays are applied. A 6ft wheelbase etched brass fold-up chassis is provided with detailed brake gear.

Price 18 GBP

Hudswell Clarke Diesel

Husdwell Clarke 0-6-0 Diesel

A 1938 Hudswell Clarke diesel mechanical built for the Colonial Sugar Refineries Co. in Fiji. The kit is is etched in nickel silver with straightforward fold-up tab-and-slot construction, using a 43:1 gearbox driven by a Mashima 1015 can motor. Features include user-friendly push-fit flycranks, nickel silver tyred wheelsets (ready assembled) and etched, screw-fit pickups

Price: 86 GBP

Contractor's Series

A collection of small British-built locomotives typical of those used on industrial railways in the UK and abroad. These simple kits are suitable for the less experienced locomotive builder.

Bagnall 0-4-0IST. Photo courtesy of 009 News.

Bagnall 0-4-0IST Contractor's Loco

A small industrial locomotive of a type frequently used for dam construction in the UK.
Price: 80.00 GBP

0-4-0 chassis. Photo courtesy of 009 News.

Bagnall 0-4-0 chassis only

As used in the Bagnall 0-4-0IST above. Includes motor, wheels and gears.
Price: 65.00 GBP

Barclay 0-4-0T

Barclay 0-4-0T Contractor's Loco

A small industrial locomotive from Scottish manufacturer Andrew Barclay.
Price: 80.00 GBP

Fowler 0-4-0ST Plantation Loco with tender

Fowler 0-4-0ST Plantation Loco and tender

Fowler of Leeds built a number of these tiny saddle tanks, usually for overseas plantation work. Our model features a tender-mounted motor with shaft drive to the loco. 
Price: 92.00 GBP