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On3/On30/0-16.5 Kits

Our On3 kit includes wheels, gears and motor(s), i.e. all parts required to complete a running locomotive unless specified otherwise - some kits use Bachmann HO or On30 chassis. See About Backwoods Kits  for details of our kit construction and assembly. Prices shown in US $ unless otherwise stated ("GBP" or "UK£" denotes UK Pounds Sterling). Click on any of the images below to display a full-screen (i.e.640 pixel wide) version.


Pro-moulded highly detailed resin parts to convert Bachmann’s On30 Heisler as pictured. Contains alternative bunker parts for both oil or coal/wood fired versions, dome, woodburner stack with separate base, air pump, air tank, generator, tool box, stowage box, water filler, cylinder covers, steam pump, cab visor, water pick-up hose, driver figure, turned brass handrail stanchions, screws and brass wire for plumbing and handrails. All designed for simple assembly using thin-type superglue. This conversion’s bunker style is probably nearer what modeller’s had in mind when Bachmann announced they were doing a Heisler. This larger bunker style along with all the kit’s add-ons helps bulk-up Bachmann’s surprisingly tiny 14 Ton Heisler to something nearer 18-20 Tons. 

PRICE: UK£40 plus shipping.


Superbly pro-moulded components to transform a Bachmann On30 Forney into a handsome and far more versatile 2-4-2T Sidetank loco. Conversion will work with either the inside- or outside-framed Forneys and with either the wood- or steel-cabbed versions. Kit includes left and right sidetank mouldings with separate water filler lids, new shorter bunker, new rear footplate with dedicated fixings for the Forney’s original speaker location and DCC circuitry. This new footplate arrangement relocates the speaker enclosure and mounting pins for the DCC circuitry further forwards into the cab, positioning these components well below window level so they remain unobtrusive. Fully detailed step-by-step photo instructions show how we easily modified the rear of the Forney’s frame to accept the 2-4-2T’s shortened bunker conversion.

PRICE: UK£33 plus shipping.

O-9 DIESEL BODYKIT to fit a KATO 4-wheel donor mechanism

Our first venture into O-9 (or On18 if you prefer). You might like to know O-9 is O-Scale running on N-Scale, 9mm gauge track. This extremely detailed bodykit achieves the Holy Grail in that it includes not only a fully open, detailed engine bay but also an open cab – all due to the KATO donor mechanism being entirely hidden beneath footplate level. We figured if we were going to design something this small and detailed, we may as well use a top quality donor mechanism to ensure the model runs as good as it looks – and the KATO mech. is a little beauty, as should be expected from this manufacturer. Photos show some - but not all  - of the cabless and cab variants which can be built from this kit. Both types of alternative side frames pictured are included - giving even more chance for variety. Parts include mainframe; engine cradle with radiator; engine with separately moulded fan, air cleaner and exhaust; cab front; left and right cab sides; cab rear; transmission cover; seated driver figure; driver’s seat; overall and short corrugated roofs. Essentially, 4 or more different-looking locos can be built from this kit. Provision is made in the model’s end beams to fit working couplers and it is envisaged that N-scale knuckle type couplers such as those made by Microtrains will be the logical option – although coupler choice will sensibly be left to the purchaser.

PRICE: O-9 DIESEL BODYKIT UK£36. KATO N-Scale donor mechanism UK£19. Plus shipping.


This kit provides a pair of sidetanks, 2 x air pumps, 2 x air tanks, pilot deck, tool box and brass handrail/plumbing wire to help beef-up Bachmann’s under-nourished On30 2-4-4-2 Mallet. Does the same job as our Split Saddletank conversion did for the Bachmann On30 2-6-6-2 Mallet. In fact either kit looks just as good fitted to either Mallet in case you were wondering. So basically this kit works just as well on the 2-6-6-2 as it does on the 2-4-4-2. PRICE: UK£28 plus shipping.

0-6-0 CAMELBACK CONVERSION KIT to fit the Bachmann On30 2-6-0 Mogul. Contains a superbly detailed set of pro-moulded resin parts together with some lost was brass fittings. Kit includes that incredible one-piece Wooten firebox with integrally moulded steam dome, left & right ashpan and grate parts, left & right firebox walkways, one piece fireman's canopy, one-piece cab with separate rear panel, cab's clerestory roof, chimney stack, new shorter pilot deck with provision for fitting a working Kadee coupler, separate pilot footboard, air pump, twin air tanks, whistle, safety valve, gauges etc. CNC Turned brass handrail posts are provided for the fireman's walkways , along with brass wire for handrails and plumbing. Modellers may opt to build the Camelback as a 2-6-0 - but be aware the kit's new shorter pilot with provision for a working coupler won't fit if you prefer to keep the pilot truck. Parts are designed for screw and glue assembly following the fully illustrated instructions.

Price: UK£60 plus shipping.

SHAY TENDER KIT. Converts the Bachmann On30 2-truck Shay into a 3-trucker.

Kit includes crisply pro-moulded resin parts along with photo-etched brass parts. On30 wheelsets provided. For simple screw-n-glue assembly. Kit is designed with operating Shay lineshaft via the bevel gears provided. Lineshaft and gears revolve but there is no provision for a U/J between the loco and tender. This really isn’t noticeable – and there are known photos showing 3-truck Shays with the U/J between loco and tender omitted. If you really want fit a U/J, try the Bachmann spares dept.
Kit is designed to re-use the rear coupler from your Shay and a brass coupler bar is provided to couple loco and tender.
All the neat details adorning the tender in the photos are included in the SHAY TENDER KIT.

Price: UK£45 plus shipping.

4-WHEEL TENDER KIT to compliment either of our resin VERTICAL BOILER 0-4-0 bodykits. Works great with Porters too...

This tender kit includes superbly pro-moulded resin parts and On30 wheelsets. Couplers not included. Kadee No. 5 couplers recommended.
Kit features alternative tender cab roof which you can fit at your discretion. Also provided are split rear bunker panels which can be fitted to your VB 0-4-0 to allow crew access between the loco and tender footplates. Tender shell is a hollow moulding so there’s ample space for DCC/sound components – or batteries if you’re a member of the ‘Dead Rail Society’.
This kit has many other applications other than our VB locos. How about coupling the Tender to one of the Bachmann Porters? Use your imagination. It’s what On30 modellers do.

Price: UK£33 plus shipping.


Following a chat at the 2011 Narrow Gauge Convention in Hickory, North Carolina, we’ve co-produced this superbly detailed kit in
conjunction with Andy Small of Train Troll in the US. Kit comprises Andy’s Motorised Scow with our Gasoline Crane mounted at the bow.
Our pro-moulded resin Crane is supplied with cast whitemetal clamshell bucket parts provided courtesy of Crow River.
Sensibly, to help avoid duplicating and incurring unnecessary shipping costs for us both, (and import charges for us) Andy will sell the Scows and we’ll sell the Cranes.
There will be times when both Andy and we source Cranes and Scows from each other in order to carry a small stock of complete kits which we
hope to sell at exhibitions. Best thing to do is check before ordering. We’ll sell you a Crane and tell you if you need to order the Scow separately from Andy.
If you buy a Scow from Andy, he’ll tell you if you need to order the Crane from us.
STOP PRESS: We’re busy putting together an alternative Steam Crane version of the kit which will backdate the Dredge to the steam era and provide the modeller with options.

Price: Gasoline Crane £39    
Steam Crane: £54    
Optional laser-cut wood cab cladding for Steam Crane £8

Wood-bodied VERTICAL BOILER 0-4-0 Steamer kit.
An updated and entirely different version of our existing VB 0-4-0 bodykit. Again desigjned to fit onto a donor mechanism
from Bachmann’s On30 DAVENPORT GAS-MECHANICAL 0-4-0. Mechanism not included.
Kit contains pro-moulded resin parts with some photo-etched brass and cast whitemetal details.
Alternative wood and steel type bunkers are included to build either version pictured. Kit shares the same vertical boiler,
cylinders and dummy motion parts from our earlier VB 0-4-0 – but that’s where the similarity ends. This is a fantastic kit
which bristles with details. All those details you see in  the pictures are provided, including re-railing pole, selection of oil cans,
detailed tool box, sweeping bush, logging blocks –plus an etched brass hose reel and pair of two man saws.

Price: £52 plus shipping

Home brewed ‘PLYMOUTH’ Railcar Critter kit.
Pro-moulded resin bodykit to fit onto a donor mechanism from Bachmann’s ‘HO’ GE 45T Siderod Switcher. Mechanism not included.
Kit contains new footplate, separate footboards, sandboxes, angle braces and footsteps. Plymouth body comprises
a pair of identical cabs which mount back to back as pictured, a pair of sun visors and a rooftop toolbox. Brass
handrails and exhausts are provided, along with clear cab glazing material and a template for the windshields.

Price: £36 plus shipping

This new On30 kit builds an American Hoist & Derrick (AH&D) Log Loader which runs along rails installed on the deck of a train of Log Cars. Kit includes the Loader and our new Flat Car with rails (inc. trucks). Modellers many naturally purchase extra Log Cars to make a log train of their preferred length. The Loader's superstructure is an adaptation of our already existing Crane or Shovel bodykits. In this Log Loader version it is supplemented by the addition of a low-profile wheeled underframe to allow the Loader to travel along its train of Log Cars. The Loader's  underframe is a detailed one-piece resin moulding. Rigging and chains for the log tongs are provided - but no logs. The Flat Car with rails on deck is a superbly detailed one-piece resin moulding with 8 x separately applied stakes. Bachmann arch bar freight trucks are included. Couplers are not included but the car is designed to accept Kadees.
Price of the Log Loader with Flat Car is £88 plus shipping. Extra Flat Cars may be purchased separately costing £22 each plus shipping. As a special deal, buy 3 x or more extra Flat cars (not including the one supplied with the Loader) for only £20 each. plus shipping.

(As a further refinement, we are currently in the process of having our good friend Bill Banta laser-cut some wood cab cladding and doors for the Loader. Perfect if you want your Loader's operator to have a degree of weather protection. This sheet of laser-cut wood parts will be sold separately and will, of course, fit our already available Crane or Shovel/Ditcher bodykits which share identical superstructutres. Price TBA.)

TRUCKS DELUXE Crawler-Tracked Trailers and Ripper

Latest additions to the TRUCKS DELUXE range of classic vehicle kits are a couple of Crawler-Tracked Trailers. A stake-bed type and drop-bottom dump type are now available, and these will soon be joined by tank and planked open types using some cross-over parts from our Mack AC truck variants. Stake-bed Trailer will look great hauling a load of logs, machinery or perhaps bagged or palleted loads. As usual, the kits are pro-moulded using top quality resin. The photos showing assembled but still unpainted trailer models show how the resin used in our kits is easily mistaken for injected plastic. Expect no disappointments. These kits look particularly nice being hauled by TAMIYA's 1:48 scale Dozer as pictured - although they will look just as good hauled by the Mack AC Bulldog trucks also found in our TRUCKS DELUXE range. Just the thing to enhance any logging, industrial or agricultural scene. Kits are designed to assemble easily using thin-type superglue. Price of the stake and dump bodied Tracked Trailers is £22 each plus shipping. 
Also available is a beautifully moulded two-part Ripper attachment designed specifically to fit TAMIYA's 1:48 scale Dozer kit. Again moulded in resin. Price is £9 plus shipping.
As it happens, our 'Guy MacDriver' moulded resin figure is perfect used as a driver in TAMIYA's Dozer. Check out the photo. Looks like he was made for the job. He's available separately - unpainted - costing £4.
Patterns are already with our resin moulders for the next kit release (ready in a couple of weeks). It's a new kit to transform TAMIYA's 1:48 scale Dozer. This comprises a new pair of body halves - minus the hood sides - which allow fitment of the detailed open engine shown in our converted Dozer pictures here. Engine is included in our kit, along with parts for an over-head cable operated LeTourneau blade which pre-dates the hydraulic blade currently used in the TAMIYA kit and shown in the photo. Our cable-operated blade will be perfect for back-dating the Dozer or for just adding variety to your construction equipment. Price TBA

NEW! CABLE DOZER and DETAILED ENGINE Conversion for Tamiya's 1/48 scale Japanese Dozer kit.
Here's a useful set of pro-moulded resin parts to 'back date' Tamiya's Dozer kit which has a hydraulic blade. Our kit includes parts for the Cable Blade conversion as well as new hoodless bodyside mouldings with open engine compartment to show off the pre-assembled engine also provided. This kit is perfect for hauling our crawler-tracked trailers. Kit costs £24 plus postage, including our seated driver figure.

Got your Bachmann Donkey/Skidder yet? We did, and we quickly noticed how well our water tank moulding fitted like it was designed for the job! Water tank moulding and fittings costs a mere £8 plus shipping.

STOP PRESS: We'll have some of the new BACHMANN DONKEY/SKIDDER assembled models on sale at EXPO NG at Swanley on Oct 29th.

A complete bodykit designed to fit onto a donor 0-4-0 mechanism from Bachmann's On30 Gas-Mechanical. Parts are superbly pro-moulded in resin and are designed for simple screw-n-glue assembly using thin-type superglue. One of the photos shows our our assembled demo model before it was painted, so you can ajudge the quality of the kit's raw resin parts. Yes, they're so good that people often mistake our resin mouldings for injection moulded plastic. Our pro-moulders do a great job transforming our in-house generated patterns into top quality resin mouldings. Kit includes detailed - but non working - motion parts above footplate level. Everything required to complete the model as pictured is included - apart from the Baschmann donor mechanism, paint and decals.
This versatile VB 0-4-0 kit can be built with the overall roof moulding on or off. Or shorten the roof to 2/3rds length for an entirely different look. An optional spark arrestor is provided if you choose to fit it. If you do opt to fit the spark arrestor, leave the boiler's blast pipe as is or shorten it to lower the height of the spark arrestor. The next one of these VB 0-4-0 kits we put together will have strip-wood boiler cladding just to be different. There are plenty options available for those On30 modellers who want to create something different.
Kit is designed with sufficient room in the water tank to accomodate a Tsunami Micro or other small DCC/steam sound decoder, with a speaker located either in the opposite side of the tank ior in the top of the boiler withe the sound venting up through a hole in the blast pipe. How cool is that?
A pair of crew figures are available separately (at £7 per pair) and are perfect for posing either side of the VB 0-4-0s footplate. The VB 0-4-0 kit costs £45 plus shipping.
Coaling Crane

COALING CRANE KIT: A lot of On30 modellers enquired if the crane from our TRUCKS DELUXE Crane Truck could be made available separately. This new kit is in response to those requests. Kit comprises our usual high quality, pro-moulded resin parts which are designed for simple assembly using a quality, thin-type superglue. Everything you see in the pictures - except the figure posed alongside the crane - is included. We call this a coaling crane but feel free to use this versatile kit for a myriad different things. How about a general purpose crane at a depot?

A shop crane outside a loco shed? Or a lumber crane at a mill? This crane kit can be used successfully in many different lineside industries you'd care to name. Be creative. That's what On30 modellers do.

PRICE: £32 plus shipping.
Whaleback tender

Whaleback tender

On30 Whaleback Tender Kit

Majority of this kit's parts are beautifully pro-moulded in resin. Detachable Tender tank is a hollow moulding which provides ample room to accept DCC/sound components. The underframe moulding is ready-drilled for a speaker. Brass wire and turned brass hand rail stanchions are also included. Kit is designed to accept Bachmann On30 freight trucks ( not included) but can easily be modified to accept alternative trucks of the purchaser's choice. Underframe is cleverly designed to accept either Kadee On3 couplers or, by using the adapter plate included for On30, Kadee No. 5 couplers. Couplers are not included. We're confident that this versatile tender kit will find a home behind many On30 locos.

Pictures show our Whaleback Tender coupled to a Bachmann On30 2-6-6-2 Mallet with our Split Saddletank conversion kit installed. These modifications certainly help bulk-up Bachmann's Mallet which a lot of On30 modellers agree, can look distictly anorexic when stood alonside some of Bachmann's other On30 locomotives.

Price £41 plus shipping

SPLIT-SADDLETANK CONVERSION KIT for the Bachmann On30 2-6-6-2

Designed for simple glue assembly. Contains superbly pro-moulded resin parts for saddle tanks, tank filler, new pilot deck, pilot toolbox, steam exhaust pipes, 2 x pumps, 2 x air tanks and brass wire. A really quick and easy conversion (took us only 4 hours, and that included painting!) which helps 'bulk-up' an otherwise anorexic-looking model when stood alongside some of Bachmann's On30 stablemates. Note that this conversion kit is NOT intended to turn the model into a tenderless tank loco. No bunker parts are provided to alter the cab. The model IS intended to run coupled to the original tender - it's just that when coupled to the tender, the darn model is so long it's difficult to take a decent photo.

Price: £28 plus shipping. 

2-8-2 SADDLETANK CONVERSION KIT for the Bachmann On30 2-8-0

A pair of super kits to convert the Bachmann On30 2-8-0 into a 2-8-2 Saddletank or Sidetank. Please specify which version you require when ordering. Kits contain all pro-moulded resin parts, a whitemetal casting, screws, pre-cut styrene, brass wire and turned-brass handrail posts to enable you to build the models pictured. Check-out those superbly detailed one-piece mouldings for the saddletank, sidetanks, and bunker - all designed to help make construction a breeze. Kits assemble using glue.

Price: £48 plus shipping

These highly detailed kits mainly comprise of professionally moulded resin parts which are virtually indistinguishable from injected moulded styrene. Where necessary, brass rod and wire is provided for things like exhaust, prop shaft and hand grabs. The kits are designed for simple assembly using thin type superglue. The first two kits in the range - the Crane Truck and Log Truck/Trailer made their debut in September at the '09 Narrow Gauge Convention in Colorado Springs and we sold out the first batch there. We are now adding three more trucks to the range, namely the Tank Truck, Stake Truck and Open Truck and these will be released during early Oct '09. Modellers wishing to fit their own truck body can also purchase only the cab/frame unit which is common to all truck versions in the range so far.
It's worth pointing out that the highly detailed engine unit powering the crane on The Crane Truck is supplied in our kit as a completely assembled unit courtesy of LIFE LIKE.  Also worth mentioning is that the Log Truck's trailer is capable of extending to suit the length of load being carried - and that doesn't have to be logs. How about pipes. cut lumber or even a boat? Use your imagination. Oh, and please be aware we also sculpted a driver figure (Guy MacDriver) exclusively to fit these trucks. He's available separately. Everything you see in the pictures - except the log - is included.
Crane Truck £48.
Log Truck/Trailer £45.
Tank Truck £38.
Open Truck £36.
Stake Truck £34.
Driver figure £4.
Shipping is not included in these prices.

Bachmann Porter 0-4-0 Tender

We've adapted our existing 4-wheel tender kit by including smaller diameter nickel-silver tyred wheelsets to make it suitable for coupling up behind a Bachmann Porter 0-4-0. As well as making a great-looking combo, space wise, the addition of a tender will make life a lot easier for anyone wishing to install DCC/sound into their Porter 0-4-0. The tender's hollow shell has bags of space for a suitable decoder and speaker. This tender also includes photo-etched phosphor bronze pick-ups for the tender wheels which will aid current collection of the 0-4-0 - an obvious benefit. Kit includes pre-coloured (black) moulded resin tender shell and underframe, sideframes, pair of footsteps, screws, wire, etc. Oh, and we even provide the pre-cut styrene wider cab roof overlay pictured on the Porter.

PRICE: £36 plus shipping.


Mack Railbus Conversion Kit

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so maybe like us you're not partial to Bachmann's 'ugly duckling' of a Railbus? Well here's a really simple conversion kit to turn Bachmann's On30 Railbus into a representation of a Mack AC Railbus. Includes superbly moulded resin parts and new wheelsets. Bus can run on its own or couple it to Bachmann's trailer car which comes with their railbus. A lot of On30 modeller's have expressed how much they love our already available brass kit for the Mack AC Railbus but have been put off by the price. Well here's a chance to have your very own On30 Mack AC bus but at a mere fraction of the cost. Our usual step by step photo instructions provided.

 PRICE: £24 plus shipping.

Side Tank Conversion Kit - fits any of Bachmann's 0-4-0 or 0-4-2 Porters.

Our parts replace the Bachmann saddletank. Includes moulded resin tanks and boiler along with separate parts such as modern or old-time domes, 4 x alternative stacks, air pump, air tank, tank fillers, new steam dome, more substantial end beams and footboards, etc. To provide essential tractive weight, bulkier items such as the endbeams will sensibly be cast in whitemetal to compensate for the loss of weight after discarding the Bachmann saddletank. Price: £28





NEW: Weed Burner Car and Tank Set

This resin kit consists of a 2-car set including the Weed Burner Car and the Weed Killer Tank Car. Tank car includes wheels, Burner Car requires trucks. Couplers are not included. These cars are only available as a set and are not sold individually. This exclusive 2-car set also comes with our first ever figure which comes with a separate poseable head - who we naturally christened Ed Turner. 

Price of the weed killing train is £48.


Conversion kit to turn the Athearn Ford 'A' truck into a powered railtruck.

Kit includes Mashima 1015 can motor with pre-assembled 'Microbox mk2' gearbox for superb running, nickel silver tyred, spoked wheelsets, pre-assembled front truck assembly and replacement cast metal body parts with pre-drilled and tapped holes. Phosphor bronze wipers, wire and screw hardware also provided. Supplied with optional rear beam which can accept a coupler if you wish. Requires a donor cab and some detail fittings from Athearn's diecast 1:50 scale Ford 'A' truck to complete.

Price: £58.

An alternative, cheaper version of this kit costing £38 is available for those modellers prepared to undertake assembly of the gearbox and front truck.


STOP PRESS: The 'Microbox mk2' gearbox is available separately (less wheels) @ £12. The Mashima 1015 motors are also available separately @ £11.50. Call us if you are interested in these items - and any wheels you may require - to assist you in powering other personal projects in your scale. 



Mack AC Railtruck bodykit

Fits fit the donor mechanism from a Bachmann On30 Railtruck. Superb resin mouldings designed for simple adhesive assembly. Kit includes pre-cut, pre-rolled corrugated styrene roofing material. A massive improvement over the regular Bachmann railtruck body.

Price £38. 



NOW AVAILABLE: Crawler Track option to fit our already available On30 Steam Crane/Log Loader or Steam Shovel bodykit.

These superbly detailed resin mouldings give modellers the option of building their Crane or Shovel as a lineside display model or how about using an assembled tracked Crane or Shovel as a flatcar load? You decide.

Call for pricing details.

On30 Passenger Tram or Freight Motor and separate Trailer Car

On30 Passenger Tram powered kit (£55) and separate Trailer Car (£16 each). Superb resin mouldings for easy adhesive assembly (we use and recommend Dr. Mike's 2 on all our resin kits). This Tram kit is specifically designed to compliment our On30 SELECT-a-CARs but is suitable for use with any On30 rolling stock. Includes a specially re-wheeled Tenshodo SPUD power unit and a Sommerfeldt pantograph. Only couplers (we use Kadee no. 5) and crew/passenger figures required to complete. The trailer car is available as one of our On30 SELECT-a-CAR range - but do remember please that all SELECT-a-CARs have a minimum order quantity of three individual cars of your choice. These can be different cars or all the same. You decide. Imagine this neat little tram switching a few cars round a lineside industry, or maybe a tourist tram or work train is more to your liking. Either way, here's your chance to start stringing-up a few poles and wires...

PRICES: Passenger Tram OR Freight Motor £55, Trailer Car £16 each


Chocks away! A bit o' prop-driven whimsy. Superb resin mouldings to build the model pictured. This fun model is powered by a propeller driven by a 7mm dia coreless motor which comes pre-installed inside the detailed Bristol Pegasus radial engine's crankcase. Wheels included, together with fine phosphor bronze wire wipers for reliable current collection. This is a  surprisingly controllable model. Simply open the throttle to move forwards - then back off to slow down. Or put the prop into reverse to brake more sharply. A couple of minutes 'flying' will have you piloting the Aerocar like an expert. You could even fit a small DCC decoder into a cupboard or crate fitted to the 'cockpit' alongside the 'pilot' if that's your thing. Gotta have one.

PRICE: UK£39. 

    Inspection Saloon   Tram Trailer Workman's coach  


Moulded resin SELECT-a-CAR 4-wheeled rolling stock kits.

These versatile 9ft long, 4ft 6ins wheelbase, 4-wheelers all cleverly share a common underframe.  All are ideally suited to compliment On30s smaller motive power such as Bachmann's Porters and Gas Mechanical - not forgetting that they look great following behind our Forney conversion to a 2-4-0 with tender and also our RTR 0-6-0T and 2-6-0T Saddletankers.
Superbly moulded in resin, these highly detailed, simple to assemble kits are designed to accept Kadee couplers (we used number 5s). SELECT-a-CARs will be sold in three-packs to keep things as economical as possible. Packs will consist of 3 x common underframes with whichever three car-bodies you prefer. Choose three cars of the same type or all different ones. It's your decision. Priced individually, the 13 cars which make up the range so far (all are either available now or in production for imminent release) will range from the cheapest Flatcar version - which essentially is the common underframe used on all cars - up to the Crane and Plow versions. Please do be aware that, obviously, the 'Columbia-type' Log Disconnects will be sold in pairs. Not much use anyone having a single log disconnect.  If you are a fan of small or micro layouts, or just have tight radius curves on your layout, these cars are just the thing. 



Purchasers should be aware that the SELECT-a-CAR Flat Car is actually the common underframe included in all cars in the range apart from the Log Disconnects. These have a unique underframe. All SELECT-a-CAR kits include wheelsets but not couplers.

Flat Car UK£10
Bulkhead Car UK£12
Stake Car UK£12
Cane Car UK£14
Gondola UK£14
Tank Car UK£16
First Class Coach (or Inspection Saloon) UK£16
Tourist (or Workmen's) Coach UK£16
'Columbia-style' Log Disconnects (per pair) UK£20
Livestock Car UK£16
Side Door Hopper Car (operating) UK£18
Crane Car UK£28
Tram Trailer UK£16
Plow UK£28




Moulded resin conversion kit to turn the On30 Bachmann 0-4-4T Forney into a 2-4-0 with tender.

This kit can be specified with our new 4-wheeled tender (which includes wheels and has dedicated internals to accept the Forney's DCC/sound components) or our existing slope back bogie tender which requires trucks (discarded Forney trailing trucks work great!). You choose which tender type you prefer. Pics show both versions - either of which look superb. Also included are parts for the loco's rear beam and hinged fall-plate, along with a woodburner stack casting. Fully illustrated instructions guide the builder through the simple work involved in this conversion to produce a handsome looking locomotive with much more widespread potential than the Forney.

Price GBP39. 


Whitcomb centre cab


On30 Whitcomb Centre-Cab


On30 Whitcomb Centre-Cab bodykit designed to clip-fit onto an Athearn HO SW1500 donor mechanism. Superb quality moulded resin components with some crisply-cast whitemetal details. Includes turned brass handrail stanchions and all handrail wire. Our kit is designed for unbelievably easy assembly using adhesive. The four main one-piece mouldings (footplate, cab and a pair of identical hoods) are as good as - if not better - than some injection mouldings.

Price: GBP39.

On30 Hand Crane

This uses our resin and whitemetal On30 Hand Crane which we originally designed to fit the bed of the On30 Bachmann Railtruck. It includes parts to adapt the Crane to fit any flatcar - or other vehicle - of your choice using the adaptor plate supplied. Pics show it installed on one of the Chivers Finelines (available in the US from International Hobbies) 14ft stake cars.


Price: GBP28


On30 Snow Plow

Parts are cast in resin and include the three main components shown (plow blade, plow support and ballast tank) together with a one piece resin-cast 16ft flat car (same as the one included in our On30 Slope-back Tender kit). Kit also includes separate bracing for the plow, handrail stanchions and rails for the tank along with stripwood for the platform on top of the tank.

Price: GBP33  


Open Cab Conversion Kit for Bachmann's On30 Gas-Mechanical.

Kit contains ALL the components from our earlier Gas-Mechanical dress-up kit PLUS further new etched parts, pre-cut, jig-drilled brass angle and pre-cut basswood parts to construct the model pictured. Designed for easy ACC 'superglue' assembly.

Price: GBP36




Hand Crane Kit to fit the Bachmann On30 Railtruck.

May be installed on a Railtruck with Bachmann's original RGS-type cab or use it with our replacement cab. Both versions are pictured. Kit comprises cast metal and high quality injection moulded resin parts. Our Hand Crane unit is cleverly designed to replace the truck's original bed cover which disguises the DCC circuitry on Bachmann's model. This kit is easily assembled using ACC 'superglue'. Obviously this kit may be used in many other situations - not just on Bachmann's Railtruck. Use your imagination and come up with your own ideas.

Price: GBP28




Now Updated!!

NEW On30 Centre-Cab Switcher kit

Due to it being nigh-on impossible to track down the Roundhouse/MDC EMD Model 40 ‘HO’ donor mechanism necessary for this kit, we’ve bitten the bullet and just re-mastered the underframe pattern for our On30 Centre Cab Switcher bodykit so it now fits a donor mechanism from Bachmann’s ‘HO’ GE 45T Side Rod Switcher.  Photos show just how cool this ‘HO’ mech. looks when mated with our On30 bodykit. The original version of our kit proved highly popular until sales hit the buffers due to lack of availabilty of the donor mech. This new version designed round the freely available Bachmann mech. should get things moving again. Kit includes pro-moulded resin parts for mainframe and he pair of hoods, plus photo-etched parts for the cab. Clear glazing material, turned brass handrail posts and brass handrail wire also provided. Soon, if there’s sufficient interest, we might even be persuaded to offer the kit with the alternative pantograph (see teaser pic) for those of you itching to start stringing-up some wires – but initially, at least for the time being, it’s being sold minus the panto.
PRICE: UK£43 plus shipping.



On30 Display Bases NOW AVAILABLE. 

These are indisputably the ideal way to display your On30 or O-16.5 narrow gauge loco models when they are not operating on a layout. Two different sized bases are available - small and medium - depicting 'rocky prairie' or 'arid desert' environments. Each base is a one-piece resin casting with all the details shown cast in place. The masters were expertly generated by our good friend and master sculptor Simon Harris, who was also responsible for the beautifully rendered paint jobs on the two bases pictured here. Each display base is supplied with detailed painting instructions from Simon to help you attain similar results. The detail on these bases has to be seen to be believed. Have you checked-out the details such as the sun-bathing lizards and cow skull? Fantastic!  

PRICE: Small 'rocky prairie' base: GBP18. Medium 'arid desert' base GBP24.


On30 Tender for the Bachmann Climax NOW AVAILABLE.

Turn your 2-truck On30 Climax into a 3-trucker with this great kit. Includes injected resin tank and underframe, whitemetal/brass castings, brass and nickel silver photo-etched parts together with wheelsets. No attempt has been made to include bevel gearing since there is no practical or easy means of continuing the model's driveshaft aft of its rear truck - but this is definitely not noticeable. Don't take our word for it - check out the photos.

PRICE: GBP38.   

Replacement truck cab for the Bachmann On30 Railtruck NOW AVAILABLE.

We hate to say it, but nice as Bachmann's Railtruck is, there's no escaping the fact that the model is just too specific a prototype - to us it simply screams RGS. That's no bad thing if you happen to model the Rio Grande Southern but installing our cab means the model will look much more at home on the hundreds of freelanced On30 model railroads which we know can use one - or perhaps more - of these typically rugged rigs. Supplied as a very highly detailed, one-piece, injected resin casting. Instructions provided showing how to remove the original cab and fit our drop-on replacement.




On30 Mallet Conversion Kit to fit the HO Mantua Classics 2-6-6-2T donor mechanism. 

Our kit consists of beautifully photo-etched, easily folded-to-shape brass cab and sidetanks, along with a host of other details to build the model shown in the pics. Smart design means that each of those sidetanks is basically formed from two pieces - a simple fold-up inner former with a separately applied, fully rivetted outer overlay. The kit cleverly re-uses the HO donor model's original boiler - only mounted higher. We provide new resin-cast sand domes and many other whitemetal detail castings including pilot and rear beams, smokebox front, twin airpumps, air tanks, stack, generator, head and back-up lights, bell, cab interior details, oil filler, bucket, hose reel, oil cans etc. As usual, the instructions consist of a lavishly illustrated, step-by-step guide to building our kit. The model is designed for adhesive or solder assembly.

Price is GBP85.

LOOK OUT for our new On30 Slope-back Tender kit which we designed specifically to compliment this kit - thus making for a pretty close resemblance to the mighty RAYONIER Mallet tender/tank locos.

...   Anyone for a RAYONIER-esque On30 Mallet Tank/Tender combo? cool is this?   ....

Slope-back tender


Limited-run, On30 Slope-back Tender kit

 Two beautifully detailed, injected-resin castings make up the tender body and frame for this kit. Also provided are photo-etched and cast details to build the model pictured. This truly versatile tender model is capable of being built as a coal, wood or oil-burning type and the separate oil tank can be used to house a decent-sized sound speaker if desired. We have conveniently provided a hollow void beneath the sloped portion of the tender body which is specifically designed to accommodate one of the recently released SoundTraxx 'Tsunami' DCC/sound decoders - or any other DCC paraphernalia of your choice. 

To help make our kit as affordable as possible - and to allow the modeller more individual choice - trucks and couplers must be provided by the purchaser. Our assembled pre-production model pictured uses a pair of Chivers Finelines (available in the US from International Hobbies) On30 freight trucks which fit the bill perfectly.

Designed for simple adhesive assembly, our kit comes with detailed, step-by-step, illustrated instructions to build the model shown. Price is GBP33.

We designed this tender kit to accompany our recently released On30 2-6-6-2T Mallet Conversion Kit, but as the photos testify, this little tender really looks the business running behind our On30 SELECT-a-KIT tank locos when they are fitted with the rear-entry cab style.


New cast metal replacement tank for any of the On30 Bachmann Porters.

Kit includes new tank, water filler, replacement stack (not shown) and handrails.

PRICE: GBP15 plus postage.

Conversion kit to turn a Bachmann On30 Combine into a powered Doodlebug-style Railcar.
Includes etched brass parts for driving cab end, together with crisply cast details. A Tenshodo SPUD (Self Propelled Universal Drive) power truck is provided, together with pre-amended bogie sideframes and mounting hardware.

Price GBP63.

Dress-up Kit for Bachman 0n30 Climax

Bachmann Climax Dress-up Kit

Our detailing kit consists of our usual crisply cast and photo-etched parts. Modellers can use all or just some of our detailing parts to enhance their Climax model, all of which are designed to attach to the model using superglue (ACC) or epoxy. Our kit includes a gypsy winch, woodburning stack, stowage boxes, bunker rails, water tank plumbing, sand boxes, oil cans, bucket, shovel, saw, etc.

Price: GBP39.

Close coupler for Bachmann tipper

'Close-couplers' (link-and-pin style) to fit the Bachmann On30 Side-Tippers and V-Skips.

These improve the scale appearance of these otherwise nicely detailed wagons. The original knuckle couplers space these cars much too far apart - and are visually dreadful. Compare this with the result shown alongside using our simple replacements. The real benefit is that modellers can now run longer trains in the same space. The idea is to use the close-couplers in a rake of cars with only the outer cars fitted with working knuckle couplers.

We'll sell these in packs containing six coupler castings and enough wire to form the simple, inverted U-shaped links.

Price: GBP3.00 per pack.

Body kit for an On30 Shovel/Ditcher.

This will be an entirely new kit comprising of all parts from our recently released On30 Crane/Loader kit plus the necessary Shovel/Ditcher parts.  As shown in the photos, it is possible to fit these bodykits to a powered chassis - our model is specifically designed to fit the Bachmann On30 Gas-Mechanical 0-4-0 donor mechanism - or to any suitable flatcar. One pic shows our demo model fitted to one of the Chivers Finelines (available in the US from International Hobbies) On30 14ft flatcars. However any suitable flatcar will work. Use of another suitable flatcar as a boom car coupled to the model would look neat. Price of our kit does not include the donor mechanism or the flatcar.

Price: GBP63.

0-4-4 OR 0-4-0 Mining Porters - conversion kit for Bachmann Porter

Another etched and cast conversion kit to turn a donor Bachmann On30 0-4-2T Porter into a 0-4-4T or 0-4-0T resembling one of the Arizona Copper Co. engines or typical mining loco. The open cab includes a pre-formed brass roof. Design also allows for current collection on the 0-4-4T from the equalised trailing truck for enhanced pick-up and more reliable operation - always the Achilles heel of the Bachmann Porters. Includes new footplate, cab panels, stack, spark arrestor, headlight, safety-valve bonnet, reverser assembly, oil cans, bucket, toolbox, number plates and backhead details etc.

Either version can be built from this one kit. To build the 0-4-0T, simply omit the rear bunker and trailing truck, then suitably shorten the footplate - exactly like the Arizona Copper Company did with their prototype Porter 0-4-4T!


On30 Crane/Loader bodykit to fit the On30 Bachmann Gas-Mechanical donor mechanism.

Beautifully photo-etched, easy fold-to-shape, brass parts with crisp detail castings. Pre-formed boiler wrapper and roof. Cast resin water tank. Comprehensive step-by-step photo instructions. Intended for glue or solder assembly.

Price GBP48.

SAR/WHR Class NGG16 Garratt

SAR/WHR NGG16 Class 2-6-2+2-6-2T Beyer-Garratt

Built by Beyer Peacock in 1956 for South African Railways. Three of the class are now owned by the Welsh Highland Railway for use on its Caernarfon to Porthmadoc route. Includes 2 Faulhaber 2020 coreless motors and all wheels and gears. This kit is available for 0-16.5 and On30 and can also be supplied for On14 (14mm gauge).

Price: 390 GBP

Dundas Tramway/Welsh Highland Railway 0-4-0+0-4-0T Garratt "K1"

"K1" was the world's first Beyer-Garratt locomotive. It was built in 1909 for the North-East Dundas Tramways in Tasmania, and is currently being restored for use on the Welsh Highland Railway's Caernarfon to Porthmadoc route. This kit is designed for UK 7mm scale (not US 1/4 inch) and can be supplied for 16.5 or 14mm gauge. The photos show a kit custom built by ourselves for a client, which looked so good we didn't want to let it go! See the Gallery for further photos.

Price: 290.00 GBP

Painted porter with dress-up kit


Dress-up kit for On30 Bachmann Porter 0-4-0 or 0-4-2.

Turn your Porter model into a logging legend with our two-spool gypsy winch. Our kit also includes new end beams and footboards, winch deck, new stack, stowage boxes, brakes, air pump, air tank, cylinder front covers, shovel, oil can, cab details and our famously comprehensive instructions. This model is the perfect baby brother to an On30 Bachmann Shay fitted with our earlier dress-up kit. For Glue assembly.


Ingersoll-Rand switcher

Inspection Car


Two new On30 body kits to fit Bachmann's recently introduced On30 0-4-0 gas-mechanical mechanism. One builds an Ingersoll-Rand type box-cab loco and the other builds an inspection car (or dinky railcar if you like). Both kits consist of our usual precision fold-up, etched brass body parts and crisply-cast pewter-type whitemetal details. Etched parts fold up via half-etched lines in the body material, ensuring folds only occur where we intend them to. Assembly is easily undertaken using adhesive if soldering is not an option. All kits contain detailed, fully illustrated instructions.


INGERSOLL-RAND type box cab loco GBP 43


(Figures are not included. These are by Flying Zoo and Aspen Model Co.).

Bachmann gas mechanical with dress-up kit 

Bachmann gas mechanical with dress-up kit


New dress-up kit for this RTR modelavailable mid-January '04. Intended for glue assembly. Use all or only part of the components provided according to your preference.

Contains etched parts for the following: Cab doors, Cab front window frames, Side window shades, Side skirts, Access doors for skirts, Radiator guard, Radiator emblems (three types), Handrail brackets, Fuel filler, Hood door louvre panels, Cabside numbers (4 through 8), Fluted rods, Works plate.Cast metal parts include: Replacement exhaust muffler, Air filter, Roof hatch, Sandboxes, Back-up light, Horn, Fuel tank, Stowage box, Ballast blocks and oil can. Miscellaneous fittings include turned brass handrail stanchions, brass handrail wire and glazing material. Photos show the kit components added to a standard Bachmann model which has then been completely finished, painted and weathered by ourselves.



Intended for On30 but can be used for any gauge by laying your choice of running rails (only item not supplied) on the bridge to any gauge you prefer.

Our kit contains the following: Styrene well with integrally moulded ball-race bearing. Pre-formed well rail with pre-cut styrene ties (sleepers) and rail fixings. Precision etched bridge representing a discarded loco frame. All bridge hardware, including carrying wheels, photo-etched wiper collectors, etc. Parts to construct optional planked deck including pre-cut Mt. Albert stripwood and beautiful turned brass handrail stanchions. Also provided is a 60:1 ratio gearbox and handcrank for smooth, manual operation. Detailed photo-illustrated assembly/installation instructions provided.

Those modellers wishing to upgrade to more sophisticated electrical operation and/or indexing will find our unit a good starting point for a more ambitious turntable project. Personally, for use on sleepy narrow gauge layouts we'd abide by the KISS' principle - Keep It Simple, Stupid!


0-6-0 side tank with rear-entry cab and woodburner stack

0-6-0 saddle tank with rear-entry cab and woodburner stack

2-6-2 saddle tank with side-entry cab and straight stack. Open cab door is a personal kitbash, but easily achieved. Model shown with supplementary detailing kit.

2-6-2 side tank with side-entry cab and straight stack. Open cab door is a personal kitbash, but easily achieved. Model shown with supplementary detailing kit. 

Select-a-Kit Tank Locomotive


Imagine a range of easy-build loco body-only kits designed to fit Bachmann's fine-running, DCC-ready, HO 0-6-0 switcher mechanism (not included). Included in each kit is ONE cab, tank and stack - from which buyers could select their preferred options. Result? A hunkered-down, 20 inch-drivered, Porter-inspired workhorse capable of filling a void in any On30 roster.

Kits include purchaser's choice of the following: Side- OR Rear-entry Cab, Side- OR Saddle-Tank, Straight OR Woodburner Stack on Long OR Short Smokebox. Note that cab roofs and the Saddle-Tank wrapper are supplied pre-formed. Both cab types include interior detail. Wheel arrangements cover 0-6-0, 0-6-2, 2-6-0 and 2-6-2 variations and many of these options are shown on the accompanying image. Where applicable, pilot and/or trailing trucks/wheels are included. These locomotives are the perfect compliment to Bachmann's new tipper and side-dump cars.

Price 0-6-0T Type GBP 50.00

Price 0-6-2T Type GBP 55.00

Price 2-6-0T Type GBP 55.00

Price 2-6-2T Type GBP 60.00


ALSO: Supplementary detailing kit for the SELECT-a-KIT. Contains castings for an air pump, air tank and bell. Price GBP 5.00. The 2-6-2T and 2-6-2ST shown at the left are fitted with this kit.

0n3/0n30 log disconnects

Log Disconnects

Available in kit form for On3 or On30 (specify at time of ordering). Log load not included. Kits contain pewter-type whitemetal castings, include metal wheelsets and sprung journals and feature screw-n-glue assembly. Requires couplers, but cast metal couplers are provided. These are excellent kits and no Bachmann Shay should be seen without a string of these beautifully detailed disconnect logcars.



Model and photo by Russ Reinberg, courtesy of FINESCALE RAILROADER

Model and photo by Russ Reinberg, courtesy of FINESCALE RAILROADER

Dress-up Kit for the Bachmann Shay

Our dress-up pack provides everything you need in one convenient detailing kit. Individualize your Shay using our three alternative stacks, air pump, air tank, shovel, box headlight, tool boxes, tank filler, turret, throttle, handbrake and reverser. (These last three items surprisingly omitted from Bachmann's otherwise fine model - but obviously vital to any open-cab Shay).

The extremely attractive open-style cab and handsome railed bunker are from an era when form and function went hand in hand. All this capped-off with a beautiful two-spool gypsy engine and steam plumbing for modellers seeking something special. Detailed instructions with blow-by-blow photos compliment our kit which is designed for screw and glue assembly.

Price:  GBP 43

Photo by Russ Reinberg, courtesy of FINESCALE RAILROADER

WORKING American Hoist & Derrick ditcher in On3/0-16.5/On30

Our new motorized ditcher features four motors and gearboxes to provide authentic load, rotate and dump actions. The price includes DCC chips or a custom controller.

Price: $1300

Mack AC Railbus

This represents a 3'0" gauge version of the On3/30standard Mack AC Railbus. It can be supplied for On3 or On30. Click here for a drawing of the Mack.

Price: $325

On3 Railtruck

Model 'A' Ford Railtruck

A typical home-brewed railtruck with a pillar crane mounted on the truckbed. Build it with the cab roof on or off (see illustrations to the left). This characterful vehicle uses 54:1 gearing from a Faulhaber coreless motor, features ready gauged On3/On30 wheelsets and runs beautifully 

Price: 265 US$

Replacement frame and motor mount to convert On3 Railtruck to On30 

Price 20 US$


O&K Mallet

Orenstein & Koppel 0-4-4-0 Mallet

This is a modified version of a standard O&K industrial design, now on the Cripple Creek & Victor RR in Colorado. Click the photo for a larger image or click here for a scale drawing.

Available for On3 and On30

Price: 350 US$ or 228 GB Pounds

Vertical Boilered Steamer

0-4-0 Vertical Boilered Steamer

A typical 'bitsa' of the type of locomotive which routinely demonstrated the resourcefulness of backwoods shop crews. An indispensable switcher and a must-have on any logging show. Our 54:1 gearing and simple equalisation means it'll run as well as it looks. Our scale drawing shows the side elevation and cylinder position, and this photo   shows a pre-production test model under construction, with cylinders not yet installed.

Available for On3, On2, On30, O-16.5 or On14.

Price: 270 US$ or 180 GB Pounds

Model and photo Russ Reinberg, courtesy of FINESCALE RAILROADER

Two-Truck Climax

This kit represents a 20 ton machine and features Faulhaber coreless gearhead motor driving through Grandt Line components.

Price: 450 US$

Photo by Russ Reinberg, courtesy of FINESCALE RAILROADER

First in a series of FLAT-CAR LOADS for On30/On3/O-scale.

Kit contains four cast metal parts to construct a steam shovel bucket and arm. Also chain and brass parts for tie-down shackles. You supply stripwood for the wooden frame shown. Photo shows load applied to Bachmann's On30 flat-car (NOT supplied). Further loads to follow.

Price GBP 10.00