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About Backwoods Kits

About our products

All Backwoods Miniatures kits are high quality models of real-life prototypes, and a great deal of effort has gone into making sure that they look good and run well when completed. All our kits use etched brass and nickel silver sheet metal parts, with lost wax brass and whitemetal castings. All are complete with the relevant wheels, gears, and motor(s); there are usually no additional parts to buy.


The usual specification for one of our locomotives kits is:

  • Motor - 5-pole open frame (or coreless where specified)
  • Chassis - 0.015" etched nickel silver
  • Body - 0.012" etched brass
  • Spur Gears - moulded Nylon or Delrin
  • Worm gears - brass or steel
  • Wheels - steel tyred with nylon centres (custom made for most kits)
  • Fittings - centrifugal cast whitemetal or lost wax cast brass, as appropriate
  • Instructions - detailed text instructions with exploded assembly and parts location diagrams

Articulated locomotives with two separate "engine" units (e.g. Garratts) have one motor per engine unit.

Suitability and Builder's Experience

These are serious kits for the serious modeller, and we would urge anyone not familiar with this type of product to perhaps attempt a more straightforward wagon or coach kit before tackling a locomotive. Our kits reward care and patience in their construction, but do require patience and a degree of skill in soldering and fitting. They are definitely NOT to be considered as "toys".